My Secret Weapons In The Gym

PRE WORKOUT SUPPS Pre workouts are all the craze these dayz but what actually are the benefits of taking them? Lets find out.. Benefits- At the moment I’m using ‘The One Black Label’ by bpm labs. The key benefits to this include that it speeds up metabolism, increases energy at the gym, improves concentration/focus and […]

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How about this outfit?

I’ve recently fallen in love with the brand Adidas so much that when it came to purchasing a new pair of gym shoes I was drawn instantly to their grey/icey pink swift run shoes❤. The icey pink branding on the grey shoe coordinates perfectly with matching Adidas baby pink shorts. To shake things up I’ve […]

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My First Boxing Experience

I think it’s great to try out new things, I mean why not what do you have to lose? “Anything which challenges you will only make you stronger” Trying new sports will CHALLENGE your body in new ways by targeting different areas of which you wouldn’t normally hit. I wanted to challenge my body by […]

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Why Whey Whip?

Everyone experiences those days where they crave some kind of food which is illegal to their diet right? Take me, for instance, I am an ice cream holic..the secret is out. Yet, when I give into food cravings it feels like I am breaking the law! Whats more, the ingredients in the ice cream I […]

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