Babe I have a question, when you’re sick do you still workout?

Babe I have a question, when you’re sick do you still workout?

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Scenario: Emma is an exchange student in the US. She is feeling a little sick but she’s still going out partying because she wants to meet the new exchange students and be sociable. Likewise Emma wants to maintain an active lifestyle by hitting the gym daily. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to go to the gym yet because she has a constant dry throat and has been sneezing loads. SO she is now wondering what I do when I am sick…do I just not go to the gym or do I workout still?

Dear Emma,

I will be dead honest in saying that I gym daily. Yes, even when I am sick. I always try my best, a workout is a workout even if I am not feeling 100% bad ass or if I look like a zombie alien.

I see that you are facing a trade-off between partying and gym. Girl know this, the more you do of one, the less you may do of another. You know that I’ve been there…well apart from the time we got smashed and you woke up to find me doing the body coach HIIT in the lounge, like a clown..thanks for snap chatting this to the world btw LOL! >.<

Basically, my name isn’t Doctor Emily Rose BUT I’m guessing that partying (and I know what you are like) is putting even more pressure on your body. It is this which is worsening your above the neck symptoms. Then you wake up feeling like double death.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, it sounds like your body could do with a full rest and recovery day. Pair this with a gym sesh the following morning. Take it easy, start with some light weights and work your way up. I find that lifting weights makes me feel healthier, it clears my head and makes me feel less clogged up when initially feeling sick. I’m saying this works for me, it may or may not have a similar effect on you. You can only know by trial and error!

As for the partying and socialising…great you can still party. However, if you want the best of both worlds you have got to play the role of Cinderella, leave the clubs/bars when things get messy. Try not to drink, take monster energy or a pre workout. However, if you don’t wish to be this extreme then just try not to drink too much, have one or two drinks e.g. if I drank alcohol I would go for one gin and tonic. Finally, DRINK AQUA A LOT when you get home to flush it out of your system and make sure you get 8 hours sleep sleeping beauty.  If you’re going to drink crazy though I wouldn’t recommend going to gym at all the following day would be recovery day.

Basically, ask yourself: Which is more important?

Finally, let’s finish of with some more quick tips…

After a night out with friends I would say be organised and ready to hit gym:

  • Gym bag ready and packed night before – gym clothes, water bottle, pre workout or bcaas, post workout protein shake, change of clothes, shower gels, makeup etc.
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Have BREAKFAST pre made in the fridge e.g. boiled eggs, beef with avocado, dairy free protein yogurt or overnight oats with protein powder. When you wake up you can just heat it up your oats in the microwave.
  • Shower and brush teeth, change into gym wear and GO.



I hope that you found this beneficial!

Lot’s of Love,

Em x

Pink Unicorn

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