Feeling Sexier in Your Own Skin

♡What is the purpose of me writing this post?♡

♡Firstly, this post is all about self perception and how to work on feeling better no matter your body type!  I’m going to be dead honest with you… I don’t always feel sexy in my own skin. I get days where I feel down. I know how it feels to not feel on point about yourself sometimes. Fitness and transforming my body was a step forward to help me feel more confident. This is a journey and I’m taking small steps..changes to feel better in my body for ME. I don’t have the nicest figure but I am working towards it and enjoying it. But I still want to feel good in this body, every day if I can as it grows and changes. I want to be able to love myself every day and look in the mirror and smile.  Because the truth is I’m not always happy even if I pretend it. This post is about changing your mindset using distraction techniques e.g. investing in yourself and spending time with friends. If you feel better that is the main thing.♡

♡This post is me sharing with you some things I have been doing to help myself feel better and sexier in my own skin. I believe that it is very important to feel sexy and empowered. The way you feel about yourself is apparently a mirror to the how others see you. I don’t want to attract unhappiness into my life!♡


♡Sit back and consider some of these steps. Feel sexy and empowered.♡

  1. ♡Purchase new Lingerie♡

You might not see the point in this one. For example if you are single you might argue “But who will see it? What is the point?” No. Do It for you.. stop trying to impress others, impress yourself first! The point is that you will see it, wear it and feel sexier about yourself because you look sexier.

My favourite underwear brand is Calvin Klein because of the quality and the way it makes me feel. I love Victoria’s Secret too.

calvin klein
My @CalvinKlein Lingerie- Red is the sexiest colour and appropriate for Christmas
  1. ♡Wear the right size♡

♡I lost weight recently, my lingerie didn’t fit any longer and I felt disgusting so bought some new ones. It’s amazing how much better I felt about myself.♡

rebecca bloomfield

  1. ♡Wear perfume♡

♡My favourite sexiest smelling perfumes include: Jimmy Choo- rose gold edition, Tom Ford- Black Orchid, Paco Robanne- Lady Million, Victoria’s Secret-Scandalous and Chanel-Chance.♡

Literally this smells like heaven. @Victoria’sSecret
  1. ♡Apply body butters and body scrubs♡

♡The body shop have launched some limited edition Christmas body butters and scrubs. They smell amazing!!!!!! I bought the frosted berries scrub and the frosted plum body butter because I couldn’t decide between the two. I agree that the body shop products are expensive compared to ones you could find in say chemist warehouse or the super market. However, the Body Shop products are naturally and ethically made♡

My Frosted Plum Body Butter @TheBodyShop
My Frosted Berries Scrub @TheBodyShop
They smell amazing!!
  1. ♡Paint finger nails♡
  2. ♡Wear makeup♡

♡Without doubt makeup enhances feminine features. I feel more confident wearing it. Smokey eye shadow looks for the evening and natural bronzed looks for the day time.♡

  1. ♡Get some glitter- “Diamonds are a girls best friend”. I’m not rich, but I love sparkles!!!!!♡
  2. ♡Try body tattoos- those gold and silver glittery ones you can buy for the summer♡
  3. ♡Stay tan- My tan is real right now but during colder months I will usually pop on fake tan.♡
  4. ♡GO TO THE GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!♡
  5. Have a spa day with your friends- make up some body buckets and talk and distract yourself with some positive company
  6. only once

Thank you for reading♡♡♡♡♡

Pink Unicorn

Love Em x

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