How to: Keep Calm and Save Money on your Food Bills $

How’s it going fitness fanatics?

This post is for everyone who wants to eat healthily on a budget. You might be like me, a University student. Trust me I know the struggle. University is ridiculously expensive. The desire to stay fit and feel good for myself is simply extra. It can get a bit too expensive at times. This is why I have had to work alongside studying, even on my year abroad I am going to be working.wolf of wallstreet.jpg

 “It is impossible for you Emily as a University student to eat healthily, forget it and eat like a normal person. It is too expensive for you and gym membership must take its toll on your finances as it is”

…joked one of my relatives. Not naming names but I am determined to prove otherwise. Here’s the thing, my body needs this food to reach my goals. It is very important to me.

This post will prove that it is possible to eat healthily on a budget. I’ve worked out that I can spend $59.15 a week with a budget of $60 and still have access to the correct foods  of which will enable me to get results with my weight and cardio training.

pug money.gif

My meal plan is personal to my body type and I appreciate that different readers will have different food plans tailored to them and therefore shopping habits will indeed differ to meet their own needs.

Personally, I am eating 5 meals a day mostly of lean protein, 2 meals will have carb and green veg and 4 meals I will add in healthy fats.

My shopping list looks like this:

♡ 1.3kg Chicken- $11.70

♡ 1kg Turkey- $10.00

♡ 1kg Beef- $8.00

♡ 4 x Avocados- $6.00

♡ 7 x Tuna cans- $6.30

♡ 1kg Sweet potato-$6.00

♡ Frozen Broccoli- $2.50

♡ Kale Pack- $3.00

♡ Coconut Oil- $5.65 (this will last me more than a week )

Grand Total= $59.15

I know the joke that my relative made is a misconception. You don’t have to go overboard when it comes to healthy grocery shopping. What you have to do is be smart about what you buy.. and you can be smart. I believe that if you put your mind to it that anything is possible. I want to share with you what I am doing from now on.

Smart grocery shopping tip

1. Set your own budget!!!! They say if you don’t have a goal, a vision you will never succeed

2. Pay with cash. Withdraw your budgetary amount each week e.g. I will withdraw $60 each week and bring this to the supermarket. Paying with card can be tempting and make you want to spend more.

wolf of wallstreet.gif

3. “Do I need this?” Cut out all other expenses. For example if you buy a cup of coffee on a daily basis..ask yourself “Do I need this? Just as Rebecca Bloomfield does in Confessions of a Shopaholic. No you don’t need a cup of coffee, you want a cup of coffee and there is the difference. Stick to water. Pop the water in a glass with some ice and cucumber (If you like for 0.34$) to get a better taste.

4. Look for generic brands e.g. Coles, Woolworths. Two brands can be sourced from the same location, bought from the same wholesaler…the only difference is the branding (packaging, labelling) to emotionally draw you in…so why waste money simply go generic.

5. Buy in bulk. Buy grocery shopping to last you a week, this will save you both money and time

6. Avoid eating out if possible. Meal prep if you know you are studying on campus, going out for the day to the beach etc.

7. GOLDEN TIP: Shop later in the evening. I’ve found that supermarkets slash the prices of protein in the evenings. Food has a sell by date, check these and go back to the store the evening before or on this day and you will find the price will have probably halved.piggy bank

These tips might sound harsh BUT they work. I know how frustrating it might be to cut back on things you used to love like coffee and meals out. Always remember that you have a budget and body goals and then none of that frustration matters…the desire to change over rides this! The way I see it is you can save $12 on a pizza or similarly $4 over three days on coffee and use this to buy a pack of lean protein which will last you the entire week! Yes it is a trade-off but a damn good one in my opinion.

Does anyone have any of their own tips they would like to share? Leave me a comment below!

Take care,

Em x


9 thoughts on “How to: Keep Calm and Save Money on your Food Bills $

    1. I know, honestly i have been using card but that will all change! It makes more sense to use cash, smarter sense. I was inspired by my good friend who uses cash all the time and manages to save alot:) !!!


  1. I loved reading this! These tips are so helpful for people on a budget and who want to eat healthy! 🥑🥦🥥 and it’s great you discuss the real problems people can have and how they can be resolved! Please keep blogging 😍💕

    Liked by 1 person

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