The best workout outfit ideas to feel more confident in the gym

Remember in high school on non-uniform day when the teachers allowed you to wear anything you wanted (within reason haha). Did you used to plan your outfit for this? Or did you even go out and buy a whole new outfit for this? And did you feel totally amazing rocking up to school, being complemented by all your friends? You felt so shiny and new and there was life and bounce in your walk through the corridors. That is called confidence. You look good and so inevitably you feel good.

Vice versa if you hadn’t planned your outfit you might have turned up to school in something old or something your mum picked out for you. You’d compare yourself to others who had made an effort and feel like total garbage..a tramp!! You might scurry down the corridor to avoid being seen because you were ashamed of how you had dressed.

I feel that the same can be applied to gym clothes. If you wear an outfit not designed to sweat in you feel uncomfortable working out. If you wear gym leggings with holes in you feel like a tramp. If you wear baggy old clothes you feel like a tramp. You compare your outfit to everyone else’s like a school kid.

Go and treat yourself to new gym clothes!

You might say:

“What if I don’t have the money?”

…win the lottery!…Sell old clothes (carousell, ebay), get a job or a few jobs, enter online competitions, become an entrepreneur!

“What if I don’t have the perfect body yet?”

… regardless still go and find something to suit your current body type.. if you feel self-conscious working out you won’t perform properly in the gym and thus never reach your goal body.


What to wear? Below I will leave some outfit inspirations with a short description. The choice is yours..whatever makes you feel amazing!

  1. On trend colours e.g. seasonal colours such as red for Christmas

niki b


2.  Pops of colour- colour makes you feel happy and motivated


3. Tie a cute jumper around your waist if you feel self conscious at the start

gigi jumper around waistgym1

4. Co ordinate!!


5. Open back tops and sports bras with a detailed back

open backsports bra

6. Mesh leggings !


7. cute gym shoes



8. crop tops

crop top


Some great companies to check out :

❤Gym Shark

❤H&M (the sports wear range- less expensive)

❤VS sportswear




❤Ivy Park

❤Lulu Lemon

❤Cotton on (less expensive)


Hopefully you can take inspiration from this post and make some bold style choices for your new workout gear collection!

Which set of images resonates with you most closely? Leave comments below xx


Love, Emily xx

Pink Unicorn


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