Unveiling some of the most common gym mistakes for you guys!

I like wolves ♥♥♥♥ 🙂
  1. “Squat because nobody ever wrote a song about a small ass”

Everyone wants a nice booty right? That goes for me too. So what was the logical thing for me to do? Train glutes every damn day!!!!!!!!!

Wrong, wrong, so very wrong. Skipping training on other areas of your body will make you look like a clown (disproportionate). I now train legs and glutes just twice a week.

Gym selfie because I was feeling super good this day:) ♥♥♥♥
  1. “I think my personal trainer is trying to kill me”

I was super shy, I still am shy. I was too shy to take advantage of the free personal training at my old gym. So I tried to do things myself and felt very shy and embarrassed to ask for help. This behaviour led me to struggle in the gym.  I wasn’t achieving any results with my training, despite my hard work. I had actually worsened my physique and put my body under a lot of stress which turned me into a “chubba bubba” lol. Things changed when I moved to AUS. I decided to push myself to get a PT. I am getting results now so yay! Find a good and trusting PT, someone who will focus you and force you to push your limits.. don’t be shy!!

  1. “I am scared to pick up weights, I don’t want to look bulky”

I was genuinely terrified to switch from cardio to weights. Like seeing the big guy in the gym dead lifting and screaming can put you off I get it. But if you want to speed up your metabolism and burn body fat..then weightlifting is imperative. I feel better about myself. Since free weighting I have been able to focus on quality of body movement, spike up my metabolism to burn fat ( I feel this especially on my back) and am slowly engaging more muscles.. still working on this!!

Single leg press weights from my leg day 02/02/2018 ♥♥♥♥
  1. Supplements

I have wasted millions of dollars on supplements. OK this is a bit extreme. But on a serious note I have wasted a lot of money on the wrong supplements. My PT informed me that supplements do not complement everyone’s bodies. They work for some people, doesn’t mean they are going to work this way for others. I was taking supplements which were not suited to me. When you first start out gyming you should not need to rely on supplements, the energy from your correct diet should be sufficient enough.

  1. Working out on an empty stomach

I’m not joking. I used to do this every day. I was convinced that it would help to magically burn fat. WRONG GIRL. This technique slowed down my metabolism. I felt like I had zero energy to work out and was losing energy during my workout. This led me to fatigue easily.. your girl couldn’t finish the reps!

6. Skipping rest days and not sleeping enough

Any one else guilty here? Sleep is important…check out my older post on this if you didn’t already 😀

awe so cute, my heart melted!♥♥♥♥♥

7.Not eating for your goals

If you are skipping breakfast and cutting carbs then..well.. good luck getting results lol.

avocado toast
You can always count on avocados ♥♥♥♥

Eat less CRAP

C- Carbonated drinks

R- Refined Sugar

A- Artificial sweeteners and colours

P- Processed foods

Eat more FOOD

F- Fruits and veggies

O- Organic lean proteins

O- Omega 3 fatty acids

D- Drink water


8. Readjusting form

My form was awful when I first started gym. My body wasn’t used to new movements and so my form was all wrong. I learnt correct form from my PT. For example using legs during bench press, not letting my shoulders round forward when I pull up and tightening my core on overhead press.


super woman

Thanks for the read! Share with friends. I love writing these! 🙂

Lot’s of love,

Emily x

Pink Unicorn


One thought on “FIX IT NOW: GYM MISTAKES

  1. Guuuurl I’m obsessed with wolves for some reason!! Great post hun, I’ve definitely committed some of these gym sins..especially the working out on an empty stomach…I’d assume it’s burning crazy amounts of fat but I didn’t even have any energy to have a good workout so it was a waste of time.


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