Dealing with Dietary Devils

Dealing with Dietary Devils

“ Dear Em,

I have been struggling a lot recently with my nutrition. I am allowed one cheat meal a week but I find that once I break the habit of eating healthy it becomes hard for me to get back on track. When I wake up the next day after my cheat meal I feel like garbage. Both physically and mentally. I feel depressed. I don’t like feeling guilty and I get scared that something bad is going to happen to my body immediately. I know I am allowed a cheat meal as part of my balanced healthy lifestyle. I just wondered if you could give me some advice on how to overcome my guilt. Also I would appreciate some advice on how I can get back on track with my nutrition the following day after cheating?

Thanks girl, Lucy x “

Belle is so me :L ♥️

Hey Lucy,

Indulging in the dietary devils!! We all do it! Whether you had a moment of weakness and accidentally consumed an entire days’ worth of calories in one meal or you finally had your well-deserved cheat meal.

If it makes you feel better like you I have struggled majorly with feeling guilty and stressing after a cheat. My inner monologue screams “fatty”. I know a lot of girls might struggle with this and be prone to restricting themselves the next day. Please don’t do this. I wanna tell you WHY I CHEAT and will then go on to help you UTILIZE YOUR CHEAT meal to get the BEST RESULTS…

day after cheat.jpg
Me the day after cheat.. feeling very strong and happy after my gym session using my cheat meal to my advantage- I trained upper bod actually, usually I would do legs after a cheat but I really wanted to work on those rack pulls!! Check out my insta @emrosevenn

Why do I cheat?

Firstly, I am not a robot or an alien. I am human and not perfect. I do need a day whereby I can eat a meal that I desire. Sometimes sticking to a strict nutrition plan alone can be psychologically stressful and I need a break. It gives me a chance to go for a meal with a friend or have a fun evening in with friends i.e. to order pizza and watch a movie. Secondly, this “guilt” I feel actually can be a positive thing. It makes me feel motivated to be consistent with my nutrition plan the following week..and it has been working well. Thirdly, a cheat meal can actually spike up your metabolism, it shocks the body (check my other blog posts for more info) . Fourthly, I enjoy the energy I have the next day, I can lift heavier in the gym and really put my cheat meal to good use.

cheat meal !
Taken @matchamylkbar !!


How do I deal with and defeat the dietary devils? Top tips coming your way…

  1. Take advantage of the dietary devils that you just ingested the night before (carbs, fats, sugars)

Change your mindset from how can I offset this surplus to how can I TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SURPLUS. Use the food to have an intense workout in the gym at a time when your body has the fuel to do it. I learnt from Stephanie Buttermore on youtube that the energy from your cheat meal will be best spent by taking advantage of the food. This taught me to go into the gym and train heavy and train hard, to not be afraid to do a lower rep range but with heavier weights. You should HIT THE BODY PARTS YOU WANT TO GROW MOST. I usually will do legs including leg press and bulgarian split squats for lower body or rack pulls for upper body because these are CHALLENGING MY BODY. Work up to your working weight and go TIL FAILURE.

♥️Pictured below: my epic cheat meal, it was amazing and I enjoyed it:


  1. H2o to defeat dietary devils and coffee on the go

AQUA!!! Drink plenty of water. I drink 2.2L of water every day, including the day after my cheat meal. Dietary devils will be flushed out of your system this way. I also like to grab a coffee on the way to the gym, it just helps to clear my head on a serious note.

  1. Meal preppin

Usually on the morning of my cheat day I like to prepare my meals for the following day. This way I have to excuses to fall into bad habits. You should know that Junk foods are addictive because they are instant. Take the hierarchy potential of drugs. This is based on the speed by which they can make contact with your brain. Some have to be swallowed and broken down by the stomach, pushed into the digestive tract and then absorbed into the blood stream (Gowin, 2011). Only then will they reach the brain. But take heroin. It skis this “lag time” because it is directly injected into the bloodstream and paired to the brain within secs. Basically, “the closer you a stimulus with a reward, the stronger the association becomes” (Gowin, 2011). Fast food companies offer an instant reward for hunger. For example you can go to Coles and grab a tub of ice cream, McDonalds and grab a Big Mac and it will be ready to eat. You don’t have to spend time meal prepping etc. This releasing rewarding chemicals to the brain. Junk food sells on its convenience. Especially when you are a student. My point is that if we have meal prepped then we have no excuses right? The healthy foods are now instant to our reaching. This will substitute for the junk, you will feel rewarded!

patrick star
Patrick Star ❤ 



Anyone else got any tips and tricks up their sleeves? Please share with me below any other effective tactics you use to keep on track, how do you not let these dietary devils defeat you? I welcome your responses !! Also catch me on insta @emrosevenn for more! 😀 ❤ ❤


Much Love,

Em xx



10 thoughts on “Dealing with Dietary Devils

  1. Cheat meals although they may not feel too great after are actually super important mentally when it comes to rewarding yourself for your hard work. I think when you first get into exercise they are important but once exercise no longer becomes a chore you don’t need to rely on cheat meals and just eat healthy and normal!

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    1. Thankyou for your response! If this works for you then great 🙂 !!! For me exercise is not even a chore, I do it because I love it and it gives me purpose. Sometimes I don’t feel like cheating that week and sometimes I do.. just listening to my body and if it is satisfied with my healthier options that week then I have and I will continue to skip the cheat it just depends how the bod feels 😜😝🍒💕

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  2. The way I handle eating fun things – I don’t call them cheat meals anymore because I think that creates a negative association with yummy foods and food is life y’all – is I make sure I’ve exercised that day. I also don’t do fast food anymore, instead opting for versions of my favorite things (like burgers) that are made with more high quality ingredients. So I’ll typically have my burger at a place that offers grass-fed beef for example. Additionally, I have certain ingredients that are non-negotiable for me even on a cheat meal, like corn because I know it makes me feel like crap regardless and it’s not worth ruining a good day tomorrow. I don’t think I’ll be doing any Stephanie Buttermore-style 8,000 calorie cheat meals any time soon but I’m happy and fulfilled these days!

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      1. It’s not just at home stuff. I eat out, just go to more mindful places now. I also eat fries, fudge bars, and drink coke, I’m just more mindful of when I do it now. Things change when you’re 32. Actually wrote a blog post chronicling how my body and metabolism have changed over time if you’re ever curious about what you can expect 🤣

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  3. Hi em! loved your post like always, you give the best advice . I have a good relationship with all kinds of food 🍟🥦🍔🍊🍗🍅🥚🍕🥑. But I can sometimes get that little voice in my head saying I can’t or I should feel bad. But with this post I have learnt I can turn that negative feeling into a positive! ☺️💪🏾😘

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    1. Thankyou for this comment boo💕 It’s so nice to know that this post has reassured you! That’s great, always feel positive and sure of yourself in whatever choices you make. Food is life💕🍒


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