Coffee Talk: HOW TO Stay motivated for gym when the weather gets cold (requested by my UK babes!)

Scenario: Your 6.30 am alarm goes off which signals to you that it’s time to hit the gym and bust out some weights! You get up and take a peak outside..the weather is damp, cold, windy and rainy!! You glance over at your snugly bed ..then back outside. Yup. Back to bed it is…just 5 more minutes..sleepy

..two hours later…”F*ck the gym!!” Seriously, how many times have we let this happen?

Let me HELP motivate you, to change the outcome of this scenario. We want to get you into the gym, not back into bed! I know a lot of people who will pick out any thing as an excuse not to hit the being one of them. It’s time for a change ya’all.



  1. Get outside: Personify the weather. Look at the weather as your competitor, you are tougher and braver than this competitor. Tell the weather that no matter how hard it tries it cannot destroy your mood or your are stronger. SO go get coffee, go look at Christmas lights (people didn’t let the Grinch steal Chrimbosnow.jpg so don’t let the weather steal your spirit), go meet up with a friend and show the weather what you are made of you tough little cookie!
  2. Leave out your workout clothes the night before AND pack your gym bag the night before. If you are still too cold to change when you wake up then I highly recommend you to sleep in your gym clothes..I did this in the UK!
  3.  Eat healthily. It can be very very very tempting being surrounded by yummy foods during the Christmas season. However, I need you to be strict and eat healthy, allow a cheat meal once a week at the most. Speaking truthfully since cutting crappy foods I have felt so much better. Remember junk food genuinely does make you feel like junk and that will make you feel sluggish and not want to work out… remember the last time you ate it.. how did it make you feel after? I am betting that your emotions kicked in and you realised it made you feel like crap.. make a change..make it a treat:)

4. Make a nice hot coffee when you wake.. or grab one on the way to gym! This will lift your spirit and make you feel warm inside, ready to hit the gym.

starbucks.jpg5. Stay moving! Take a stroll in the park, down the road, through the city…wherever you may be…like I said go look at Christmas lights it will make you feel 10000x better and more positive! It is very important to keep your muscles warm so that you don’t get shivers and want to hibernate in your room all day!

6. Reward yourself. We aren’t all rich kids but it could be nice to reward yourself at the end of each week if you are able to. If not get a job to allow yourself to do this. In context I don’t mean going to buy mince pies or a hot chocolate with cream, sugar and marshmallows.. I mean reward yourself with a cosy baggy jumper to throw over for gym, a nice new workout outfit, some trainers, a cinema ticket with friends, new slippers, a new mug something that will last you and make an impression, something you can treasure and appreciate as your own!

  1. Keep a workout dairy. Log all the weights you are using, set goals and keep on track.Typo Planner.jpg
  2. Get a personal trainer! Not just any personal trainer, someone who makes you feel better about yourself. Winter is especially an important time to have a PT on board. We don’t always see ourselves as others see us therefore having someone to correct your techniques, help you set some goals is going to drive you to the gym.. you have a duty to yourself and your plan. We can’t all afford this I am aware..if you can’t then I recommend trying some gym sessions with a workout buddy (a friend, a relative).. team work can help you achieve great results.cosy

Hope these tips helped! Guys please comment and let me know which tip you like best below or alternatively let me know your own tips! Share with your friends who encounter this problem ❤


Emily xx


(Images from Pinterest!!)

15 thoughts on “Coffee Talk: HOW TO Stay motivated for gym when the weather gets cold (requested by my UK babes!)

  1. Hi Emily!
    Thanks for writing this. I needed a little help and motivation to get active again. In my case, I don’t have a gym membership, but I have the equipment I need to workout out at home and yet, it still hasn’t been happening.
    Your tips are fun and creative and I am excited to give them a try!
    Have a great week, lady!!!

    ❤ Alana

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Alana💜 It is nice to know you will try them let me know how it goes and if there is anything else which works for you along the way! Thankyou, you take care and enjoy your weekend 💜🐻

      Liked by 1 person

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