Valentine’s Day Couple’s workout- Get your heart pumping in the gym!


Celebrate two things you LOVE this Valentine’s Day. Take a breather from your normal training programme and let your babe be your training buddy. Training is an amazing way to connect with your partner and to support them.

According to team get healthy (2018) psychologists have found nonverbal mimicry to be a way to help you and your partner feel more emotionally connected to each other. Nonverbal mimicry is the coordination of your actions with another person e.g. lifting weights together.

What does this mean? This means that working out together will deepen your emotional bond.  Plus afterwards you’ll experience a rush of endorphins. Ramped up endorphins means that your sex will be a million trillion times better….

….no need to elaborate 😉


❤Superset 1:

12-15 reps x 4

❤Assisted Pull Ups

The key benefit of having a partner here is that once you have fatigued you can have your partner hold your legs and push you up. This will allow you to get in a few more reps and this can add you some growth.

pull up.jpg

Which muscles will you be working?

The lats are the primary muscle used to control the bods return to the starting position (the concentric phase). The trapezius muscles assist the lats with controlling your bods weight as you lower it down. They are basically used to provide added power. A narrower grip is sometimes used to emphasize these muscles during the pullup. A wider grip will move the emphasis onto the lats. The biceps are involved during uring the eccentric phase, as your elbows bend, you engage your biceps which gives the necessary power to maintain the lift. The pectorals are engaged in the upwards part of the movement to provide the body with additional power (Goldsmith, 2018).


❤Incline DB Press; neutral to pronated

db press.jpg

Which muscles will you be working?

The target muscle group worked is the clavicular portion of the pectoralis major. Other muscles affected are the deltoids and the triceps. 😀

❤Superset 2:

Guys: 8-10 reps, heavier weight

Gals: 12-15 reps, lighter weight (unless you are a beast)

❤BB Bench Press

PECTACULAR !!!! Ladies often shy away from this one because “I don’t want to look manly, I am happy with the way it is”. This is a prevailing myth ladies. According to Clark (2017) chest training will help you have a well-rounded and strength balanced body.

Just gaining a little bit of muscle will definitely make your boobs appear perkier. In other words it will lift your boobs. Who doesn’t want this?!

bb bench press.jpg

❤DB Bicep curls

Guys you can use your babe instead of DBS… I see this on Instagram a lot..ooolala 🙂


Which muscles will you be working?

The biceps brachii acts to flex the elbow and supinate the forearm. You can emphasize the biceps brachii by utilizing a supinated, or underhand, grip while doing the biceps curl. The brachialis only has one function, and that is elbow flexion. Emphasize this muscle by using a pronated, or overhand, grip during the biceps curl. Emphasize the brachioradialis by utilizing a semi-pronated grip while doing the biceps curl (Choueiri, 2018)


❤Superset 3:

12-15 reps

LEGS. I find this one very challenging.  Actually I find any leg workouts challenging. Yet, I enjoy them the most! A partner can be supportive by counting your reps. This will indeed motivate you! You can both motivate each other. Sometimes you just need that extra push!

❤Leg press


Which muscles will you be working?

Hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves.. it burns!!!!!

❤Lying Leg curl

leg curl

Which muscles will you be working?

The lying leg curl isolates the hamstrings and thus it is a direct hamstring contraction exercise

Now you can go take a shower together and give each other a massage to relax…….❤


v day

Hope you enjoyed this one!


Emily xx







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