“Halo Top”- the ice breaker giving brain freeze to the ice cream industry- How did Halo Top fly to the top?

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No I didn’t die! I’ve just been mega busy with exams but I’m back with more posts for you all! Let’s start with the latest scoop from the ice cream industry, sound good?

People love ice cream?.. true. The market has a growing concern towards health and body image? Also true. Arguably more so due to social media image. Yet there has been no drive from the leading ice cream companies to act upon such incentive.halo top advert 2

This has given rise to a modern snowstorm, Halo Top. Unbelievably this brand has completely disrupted the ice cream industry. Halo Top has indeed stolen the spot light in the ice cream industry snow globe by becoming famous for its low calorie, low fat, sugar poor and high protein ice cream.

Regular companies such as Ben and Jerry have begun to melt. Word of mouth marketing tactics have boosted Halo Top’s positive image. It’s simple really, people LOVE Halo Top because it tastes like the real deal and yet packs roughly a quarter of the calories into one pint compared to normal ice cream. For example a pint of Vanilla Bean has 240 calories. In alternation Ben and Jerry’s has just over 1,000..chills. Halo top achieves such figures using natural sweeteners such as organic stevia and erythritol to sweeten the deal. Some may argue sweetners are unhealthy. Yet, in debate people can have different perceptions as to what classifies as healthy. This guy sure doesn’t mind…

How’s the report coming along? follow @halotopcreamery 

Halo Top use a “no bowl no regrets” tag line which emphasises their guilt free value proposition. This cunningly addresses the consumers affective need to indulge into a pint of ice cream whilst addressing their cognitive desire to become a healthier human being. Thus their brand image emphasises the fact Halo Top is “healthy” and “all natural ice cream”. Juxtaposition of “ice cream” (perceived as unhealthy) and “all natural” (healthy) has shocked many and generated so much interest that this company’s sales have risen by… 2,500%!!! This was over the year standing.. are you for real? Impressive.

Sooo you will now ask me…. How exactly did Halo Top fly to the top?

Easy. Halo Top used ‘bootstrapping’ with which success can be scooped down to a unique and very real digital marketing strategy, in particular word of mouth marketing. By reaching out to fitness influencers and clever use of social media. This is how Halo Top have managed to break through the advertising clutter..look there are lots of other “healthy” ice cream brands but none have done it quite like Halo Top.

I say the marketing is clever as Halo Top’s social media resonates closely with target audience. Their posts mirror food porn at its best illustrating scoops of colourful ice cream, bold packaging, cute animals such as pugs as above and witty captions. Everything has a purpose, it makes you feel positive and that really transfers onto the brand. For example, Halo Top uses wit with celebrity reference to emotively draw people to the Birthday Cake flavour: “Every day is someone’s birthday out there (and if you’re like @50Cent, you don’t care either way). Giving people an excuse to eat Birthday Cake every day”. People love it.

This represents the authentic voice of the brand. Fans are drawn like moths to a flame to the brands devotion to health and the fun and wit of it all. Their Instagram page has been a particular power drive behind the brand. I noticed a lot of the Instagram images are clean, non-crowded. Therefore you don’t get lost, you see the packaging and can focus on the Halo Top product itself. It doesn’t give you a headache and is actually very aesthetic. Perfect way to sell a product and make a point.

Halo Top is human. By this I mean the brand has a voice, it makes effort to engage with consumers. For example Halo top makes effort to reply to consumers on social media posts. This gains brand loyalty because people feel special that they have been mentioned, they feel connected and can rely and thus trust the brand. Consumer loyalty is everything to a company it sets you aside from competitors.

I was thinking to myself about the time I first heard of Halo Top. I’m pretty sure it was from Whitney Simmons’s You Tube channel. Whitney Simmons is a You tuber and Gym shark athlete and is an influencer to many fitness fanatics including myself. Whit proves that you can stay fit whilst simultaneously indulging in healthy ice cream.  SO by capturing the attention of social media fitness influencers such as Whit Halo Top has been able to gain social proof to support and grow their brand. Influencers are a powerful source of promotion. These are everyday people who have a loyal army of followers ready to tap into whatever trend the influencer sets.


**ALERT** But guys.. have you seen Halo Top’s latest advertisement featuring the old lady being force fed ice cream? What do you think about this? Does it compel you to buy Halo Top? Does it creep you out a little? Or does it make you laugh? I want your opinions!!!

Halo Top new advertisement- “EAT THE ICE CREAM” creepy or humorous?

See the link below and let me know your opinions..


Hope you enjoyed this one,

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