How do I stay so motivated for gym?

You can put weights into different people’s hands and you will be able to tell who is really passionate when it comes to working out and who is not. I know that as soon as I stepped into the gym I got this amazing vibe like a rush of positive energy and I realised this is where I need to be. I started getting serious with gym at the beginning of 2017 after I nearly lost complete hope in myself. For me fitness has become embedded into my lifestyle. Any negativeness I have truly becomes erased after smashing out a workout. I don’t think I have enough words to describe how staying fit makes me feel, this small paragraph doesn’t do justice. The point is I have fallen in love with health and fitness. I know I am not perfect but I know where I stand and how and why I need to change. I am still adapting and learning new things about my body. I am on a fitness journey at 20 years old and still continuously working on myself. Self-improvement is my philosophy and I set my goal to make fitness my lifestyle.

tiger reflection
Believe in yourself

Friends have asked me why I am and how I am so motivated to workout? I think I can answer these:

  1. I Remember why I started

What brought you to the gym, why did you walk through that door? I know people say don’t look back into the past but I do so to channel and recycle negative energy into my sessions. Have you been through a break up? Bad dating experience? Has someone doubted you? Does someone still doubt you? Do you have something to prove to yourself? Have you had/do you have a poor self-image? Does something scare you? Use the pain as fuel. I find it gives me adrenaline to push harder and the outcome is positive energy.  You have a goal and remember why you set it and fight for it like it is life or death.

  1. I don’t give up

Everyone experiences the brick wall. By this I mean when your muscles start to burn on the last few reps. It is easy to just stop, give up. I think for me the pain gives me adrenaline. After a few warm up sets and my heart beat has risen I feel so motivated to continue. I feel like the more I get into the workout the more motivated I become. I like feeling pain because I know it is my body telling me it is working. I like to challenge myself and this challenge keeps me going.

  1. I change up the workouts

Set a new challenge each day. If you can complete 12 reps of a movement without fail increase the weight. If you did a hiit workout one day, the next time you do hiit change it up, do something different, challenge. Target and challenge the different muscles in your body. This will prevent you from feeling bored, you have a new challenge to look forward to each day.

  1. I set goals

Have a goal, a light at the end of the tunnel and never forget it. Make sure your goal is SMART- specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based. I say measurable because you should document your progress to see how far you have come each stepping stone of the way. For example take a progress photo every 2 weeks and dedicate a folder to it on your phone or laptop!

  1. I try to surround myself with positive people

Keep yourself surrounded by people who educate, inspire and lift you. People who make you a better version of yourself. I learnt this moving abroad, I’ve met some inspiring people and my mind set is changing in a positive way and I like this. Anyone who tells you ‘you cannot’ do something doesn’t deserve your time or your attention, you have a goal and that is all that matters. Block off negatives quite literally.

  1. I enjoy it!

Enjoy your workouts, look forward to it! I never think ‘oh god I have to go to the gym…’ Gym isn’t a chore for me, it is a way of life and I look forward to every session, that is the truth. If you struggle to think like this then check out my ‘Gym tips’ post.

get into beast mode!

Hope this answers your questions! Don’t forget to like and comment I would love to know what you thought of the read x




22 thoughts on “How do I stay so motivated for gym?

  1. You go girl! Your posts are so inspirational and motivational.

    We’ve had workout sessions together and you’re so motivatong, always push me when I am almost giving up.

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  2. Awesome post!! The gym makes me feel motivated too once i’m There. However, when it’s super cold, I do not feel like going…How do you make yourself constantly go to the gym? Because I definitely need a tip on that for myself! Lol..I like that you have the quote believe in yourself too! I’ll definitely follow you for fitness & health tips. Mean while, feel free to check out this blog “Natural Solutions” one… maybe it might interest you. Any tips would be great for me as well

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    1. Thank you for this lovely comment. I’m glad you asked this, i’m thinking to do some blog posts around this topic. For now i would suggest to wake up to a nice hot coffee and breakfast, have your gym clothes ready (or if too cold sleep in your workout gear) this will push you to go straight away!!, play some motivating music 🐨💜💜💜 sure thing my love

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