Experiencing extreme guilt about taking a rest day? STOP NOW.

If you are feeling this way you need to read this and change your mind set now!

Are you like me and have really struggled to take a day off the gym? I mean all I really want to do is be active all of the time and importantly I want to feel good about myself. I admit gym is my drug and I have been a culprit of neglecting rest days. This is why I am writing this post, I’ve felt so guilty to take rest from gym. Until a bomb was dropped and I looked at rest days in a SMARTER way. Please continue to read…

So what I’ve realised is that every solid training programme includes a rest day…it must be a critical component to training. EVEN top athletes such as AJ take rest days and quote it as part of their workout routines. Ok why?

AJ (Anthony Joshua- British boxer/unified heavy weight champ)

Here’s the thing… rest days are pretty damn IMPORTANT if you want to achieve PROGRESS i.e. become stronger, burn fat, look better and healthier. To give an illustration let me relate this post back to my last on the importance of sleep. When you don’t sleep your concentration in the gym drops and causes burn out. Now when you don’t take a rest day it’s pretty much having the same effect. You will not get the most out of your gym sessions… again BURNOUT will bite you in the back.

Listen to your body

A REST day, like a good night’s sleep, is a RECHARGE. Gym sessions will cause mini tears in your muscle fibres and tissues. Day on day you concentrate your bodies energy stores into your training…this leaves not much glucose to “put humpty dumpty back together again” i.e. your body can’t repair itself and your next training session will probably be a burnout..what’s the point of training when you are doing more damage than good? You want your body to be able to grow? Rest days allow for this..they allow your muscles to adapt and become stronger. So when feeling zapped of energy take that rest day. The amount of rest days taken will differ from person to person… listen to your own bod. If you can train then TRAIN. Yet if you feel like you’ve reached a BRICK WALL, you don’t feel happy to work out, you have not slept, you just have no energy left in your tank…these are all warning signs and reasons to take that rest day.

But I feel without a workout my day never really gets going…So if you still are struggling then on rest days you might want to consider some light exercise (something which won’t cause stress on your body) such as YOGA or swimming. Yoga is designed to relax both your mind and body… perfect because this is what a rest day should be all about! Grab a friend and go to yoga class on rest days. Alternatively go for a swim and do some CORE exercises. Save the glycogen for those intense training days and get the results you deserve.


To summarise, you need at least one rest day a week for strength, stamina and success. Remember they are part of your programme. Take them or you won’t get the best results and that is the truth..

I have taken off my rose tinted glasses and can see rest days are just as important as training days…so…wave goodbye to your guilt… au revoir!! 🙂 x


22 thoughts on “Experiencing extreme guilt about taking a rest day? STOP NOW.

  1. What a lovely post! Yes!! I struggle to take rest. But I feel the day I rest then the other I days i perform better as I feel my body is fresh and well rested. Thanks for sharing this xx 😘

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  2. This post is so important and rest days are crucial if you want to make progress, especially is building muscle is your goal. I used to struggle with rest days not because I felt ‘fat’, but as you said, because I felt like my days couldn’t quite get going without a workout and that’s why I like to include a light walk into my rest days to get myself moving without disturbing the benefits of rest 🙂 thank you for sharing ❤

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  3. I enjoyed reading this. I struggle sometimes to take a rest – especially when I am in a routine. I also can be terrible at stretching so my solution is to make sure I take a day off to do nothing but stretch. 🙂 x


  4. It gets addictive doesn’t it? I had major guilts after my back injury for taking it easy but I realised the hard way that we have to listen to our body and take care of it if we want it to treat us well ☺️ Great post 😘

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    1. Yes very addictive.. And guess what? My new training programme has a total of two rest days.. I could barely manage one haha! It will be hard but you are right we must listen to our bodies. You did the right thing 100% and I am sure you now feel better for it. After my rest day I felt more motivated and performed better the next day😊🙉🌞💖


  5. That’s SO true… I used to feel guilty for every rest day and ended up doing a rushed late night workout to make up for this… Now I know how important recovery is though 🙂


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