#FitFam need baby sleep!

Those who know me get that  I’m ALWAYS in the gym, I eat clean and I take my supplements. Yet I am flawed. Something isn’t right for me and I believe it has prevented my progress.

baby stitch.jpg
What’s the issue regarding g?

Sure, I made an error..I haven’t been getting optimum hours SLEEP. My body was sleep deprived. I was walking around gym like a zombie girl. I mean my eyes are pretty scary anyway!

In truth just a few days back I was getting only 4 hours. And I hate to admit sometimes less than this a night…tut tut. My brain just wouldn’t switch off. How did I manage to keep working out every day? Motivation? Caffeine from supplements? 😀 Not good enough, I wouldn’t reach my goals feeling like this. I had to stop.

I knew deep down I needed to correct this because it was getting me down, it was affecting my performance in the gym, I felt stressed, my body felt stressed and I couldn’t study so well. I finally hit a gravestone.. sleep deprivation burnt me out one sesh both mentally and physically.. I had resolved the issue too late. CRASH. BURN.

So sleep is vital to having a positive impact on performance. More sleep means less mistakes.babyy

ALSO, have you ever heard of Circadian rhythm? It is the natural clock in which our body operates i.e. stay active during the daytime and sleep like a baby at night. If you stick to this rhythm you can reduce the muscle breaking down hormones a.k.a. you get to keep your gains ;). Ooopssie…I am guilty because I was napping between classes.

Likewise sleep enhances muscular recovery via human growth hormone release and protein synthesis.

Taking all points into consideration I can see that I need quality sleep to grow and change my body. My motivation to gym, my diet, my supplements are all completely useless without prioritising sleep first.. I need and want to move forwards and not backwards. So like I try to do always, I see a problem and I correct it.

Here’s how I improved my sleep from 4 hours to 8 hours :

  1. Planning- knowing what time I need to be up and working backwards to see the time I need to fall asleep by
  2. Turn off all electronic devices half an hour before I need to be asleep
  3. No napping during the day
  4. Drink English Sleepy Me tea. This really helps me to relax!
  5. I read something before I sleep sometimes e.g. a good book to tire out my eyes.. (Confessions of a shopaholic at the moment.. I am legit Rebecca Bloomfield)
  6. Wear a cute sleeping mask to block out light
  7. Make sure the room is cool
  8. Quiet/peaceful atmosphere (politely asked my roommate to be respectful of this 😀 )
  9. No caffeine after 4pm at all
    sleepy me
    Sleepy Me- natural caffeine free herbal tea with time honoured sleep aids

Personally these are the tips I follow and they have worked incredibly well for me. Now I am sleeping like a baby and I feel soooo much better in the gym both mentally and physically.

I am hoping that I will start seeing my hard work pay off now I understand it will take me time but I have no intention of giving up on my goal, even when i reach this goal I will sustain it.


I hope this post benefited you, let me know what you think below and don’t forget to star if you enjoyed the read! x


19 thoughts on “#FitFam need baby sleep!

  1. This was a great read and I have been guilty of it too. Great job on correcting your sleep patterns. It definitely will help you get results and improve your overall effectiveness at the gym and in life! I am going to work on fixing my sleeping patterns this week and am going to start implementing your suggestions! Thanks 🙂

    ❤ Alana xoxoxo


  2. So true! I’m guilty of this lack of sleep too! More you’re awake more metabolic rate you use as sleep metabolic rate is lower so you’re completely right!
    In fact gains and adaptation don’t occur during the gym but actually when you are resting and recovering.
    In fact Anthony Joshua is where he’s at beacuse he said sleeping 8/9 hours a day us part if his workout 🙌💪

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  3. Great post! People don´t notice how important sleeping and resting are until their mood and health are affected. If we´re training, we need to rest and sleep properly to recover our body and mind. After a hard workout the best reward is a good night’s sleep 😀

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  4. I love the use of stitch! wow! haha I remember that movie, way back in time, when I was a spring chicken and much much younger 😛

    Sleep is very important, this post actually brought up a good point, because my friend had texted me saying I take a lot of naps (which I do not!) but he seemed to think so, but I told him, I have been taking naps when I can because I am so busy everyday .. except some weekends and that means sometimes I am up early or working late so I need my rest whenever I can get it.

    Tea is a good help, now that the weather is getting cooler, I will be warming myself up some chamomile tea every so often. Awesome post and way to spread sleep awareness! haha


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    1. I think the image of stitch is so adorable..it kills me! Sleep is top of my agenda along with diet atm…no problem with getting me into the gym:) It’s difficult when you have a busy lifestyle to get optimum hours sleep, just try and get it because it will help you a great deal 🙂 love the sound of that!

      Thanks girl! x

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  5. I am so so guilty of this and still not getting into bed at the best time . I will definitely be taking this advise . I think is cause of work most shifts I finish at 9pm, so I am used to getting in to bed really late as I eat , watch Netflix and look social media and it is not doing me any good I end up needing a nap during the day as my body has no energy😴😢. So making a plan and turn off social media have a nice relaxing hot tea will help me a lot! I have learnt a lot from this read! 💗💗💗💗


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