My beauty disaster: “Are you a painted lady?”

A memory from my high school years..

I was that high school teen girl who obsessed over watching makeup tutorials on YouTube..Yup that was me. Yet our school had a ‘no makeup rule’ and was VERY strict about it.. one girl was even made to wipe off her makeup in front of our whole year during assembly..the poor soul.

I was gutted for her and even more so that I couldn’t experiment with my newly purchased cosmetics. Regardless, one day, the teen rebel I was decided to put makeup on my face. It was the ‘yolo’ attitude I had decided to adopt. Monday morning and newbie to wearing makeup I switched on my favourite YouTube makeup tutorial and tried to follow each step the best I could..if these girls could pull it off why couldn’t I?

Own your look

Foundation..Damn it didn’t match my skin tone as perfectly as the girls in the vid. Oh well!

Eyeliner..Oh lord..One flick is bigger than the other!!..Ah who will know anyway right!? jungle red? RED! The natural blush look of course.

I strolled into class beaming. “Pretty lip colour Ems” said my best mate (at the time 😀 ). I sat down feeling totally awesome. I’d really pulled this YouTube look off hadn’t I!?

Then the tutor took the register and my name was called “Emily Rose”.

“Yes Sir” I casually said just as I did every single day. Long pause. He looked up and studied my face rather too judgmentally for my liking.

“Emily Rose would you please come here”..I got up unsure and walked over to his desk. “Emily, are you a painted lady?”.

“um…No sir I am not” I gulped almost choking for words.

“Then Emily Rose please go to the bathroom immediately and wipe that STUFF of your face”.

Was he being absurd? I felt humiliated. I was sure this would haunt me for the rest of eternity. Indeed it haunted my high school years. At the end of the year every student received a memory or quote from their tutor. Guess what mine was? “We lost Emily Rose half way through the year..Under that tonne of makeup” I almost died!!


Hope you enjoyed this read I know its a little different from my other posts.. let me know your thoughts below x




10 thoughts on “My beauty disaster: “Are you a painted lady?”

  1. That’s really sucks but honestly, i like the name “painted lady” and you’re very pretty. My school didnt allow me to wear makeup as well, i didnt care because back then i was a tomboy. My love for makeup started when I started university (3 years ago)!!

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  2. Hey Girl!
    I totally enjoyed this post and can still relate because I am not great at applying makeup. I am glad you recovered. That is traumatic especially in high school. It brought back memories for me because when I was 19 I went to this strict Catholic College in Wyoming. They had a crazy strict dresscode and a no technology law. We could not have cellphones and no personal internet in our apartments. I hopped onto a wifi network and got internet anyways and one of my roommates must have told on me because the dean of the college gave me a warning.
    Long story short, I didn’t go back to that college. lol
    Keep up the fun posts!

    ❤ Alana

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  3. Think that was uncalled for from the teacher! if that is the school’s rules fair enough but it’s not right for a teacher to humiliate students like that . I don’t think make up should always be looked as a bad thing most teenagers will tryout different makeup as it’s a learning experience finding out who they are what they want to look like or not . There is make up I have worn in the past that I would never wear now! like blue eye shadow and other pasty colours! 😱 There are some photos I look at and think God what was I thinking!!! 😂. So I would not be worried about the past at all! Just do you girl! 💋💋💋💖

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  4. You have such a beautiful soul..❤❤
    My dear friend…
    Am a teenager myself and I feel like looking forward to you for more such great posts and getting inspired❤❤

    May God Bless You..❤❤

    Society has put many norms…

    But rules are made…only to be broken😁😝

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    1. Thankyou for this lovely comment💖
      It means the world that you can find inspiration here. I am glad that this post resonated with you💖
      Society does indeed and I do intend to break them😉😄💖🐶🌹


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