From Party Animal to Fitness Freak-Alcohol vs Abs

Why have I given up alcohol? You want the truth..

PARTY ANIMAL. I used to be that girl. First year, second year of Uni me and my closest friends Emma, Amber, Emily and Xanthie called ourselves “the party animals”.

♡ Photo creds: Xanthie Damianou ♡

Alcohol was always a turning point, you had a negative day, you would go out and party your troubles away. Until you woke up the next day and you were left feeling empty inside all over again and had to repeat to live on a high.

I started to enjoy myself less and less every time I went out. This combined with the feeling of intense guilt regarding the negative effects that alcohol has upon health.

So I woke up one day and joined a gym. I fell totally in love with fitness, the way it made and makes me feel to this very day. The way it helped me through obstacles in life and the way it changed my mind set from negative to positive. Even my closest friends saw a change.

No amount of alcohol could ever make me feel as “LIT” as the feeling of conquering an intense work out and doing good to my body.

It’s difficult being at University surrounded by diverse interests and people with opposing viewpoints.  I can’t lie, I find myself under peer pressure to go out and drink in order to not miss out on social events. Some friends have said “You’re being too hard on yourself” or “You’re only 20 go out and live your life” and I have fallen into the trap of going out. But then I am back to square one feeling repetitively bad about myself despite the funny memories the night before.

Personally I now realise that going out and living my life does not mean going out drinking. I want to live the fit and healthy life style that I dream of and can and will achieve. I feel like alcohol has prevented me from achieving this. I hope that people understand, respect and will support my decision x



33 thoughts on “From Party Animal to Fitness Freak-Alcohol vs Abs

  1. So inspiring! really got me!
    I was kind of the same before (probably 3 years ago) and Ive had same kind of pressure from socializing with people and I did not wanna miss out anything. I did hang out with some ‘friends’ when I was going out for drinks with them, but I never really had other things to do with most of them except drinks, party…. which is a bit sad…
    Now my life is just getting better with my friends and my own lifestyle since Ive been living quite healthy! It’s just so much better to have some real friends and real life than alcohol.

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    1. Thanks girl this comment has made my day. I couldn’t even agree more..i am grateful for the friends who have stuck by proves that some friendships are only based on drinking!! Keep smiling x


  2. I think drinking alcohol is not mandatory but as Spanish, I totally understand the social drinking pressure 🙂
    People will understand and respect your decision, and you´ll meet more people who don’t drink alcohol, no worries 😀
    Big hugs,

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      1. You´ve just decided not to drink, I think feeling excluded will pass with time. You and your friends have to get used to your new lifestyle 😉 And probably some of them will follow your example 😀 Trust yourself, you got this!

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  3. Hey Emily Rose!
    I admire you for making these healthy changes at such a young age. It takes maturity to realize that partying and alcohol is a viscous cycle that slows down progress.
    You not only changed your life, but also replaced those old habits with wonderful new habits that will help you move forward in all aspects of your life!!!
    Way to go!!!
    Thanks for sharing your story.
    I am looking forward to following you and reading more!

    ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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  4. Good for you Emily! Lots of people fall under this “trap” especially at uni and now adays when it’s just going to the pub to hangout with friends! Eventhough it’s sometimes fun the health risks to major alcohol intake are life threatening and dangerous in many areas not just to yourself. Think if you spend 10-100£ which most lads do spend as night out are expensive you could by more supplements

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    1. Thanks Henry, really appreciate you saying this it means a lot to me! You know how much alcohol I’ve consumed on nights out..and it’s not pretty..especially the amount of vodka i hate to admit:( i feel so guilty for having done this wonder I struggled to see results in the gym. Like dropping alc i feel so fresh and positive 🙂 Hell yean I’ve saved LOTS of money too..supplement haul soon yeah 😏👌😍


  5. Straight to the point! Can’t agree with you no more. Drinking and partying is not only life, there are many other interesting things we can do. Like it’s said, health is wealth. Love your blogs, real and truthful.
    Hope this helps people motivate to live a healthy happy life, thanks Emily 😘

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  6. Hello,
    Pleasure to meet you and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog page and having a follow, I appreciate the support.
    Honestly, I was just talking to someone about alcohol and they were telling me how they stopped drinking alcohol indefinitely, which I think is awesome and obviously have seen some changes and stuff. With me, I don’t drink enough alcohol where I would need to quit or reduce it, but when I do drink alcohol it isn’t to get drunk or black out- more so a glass of wine maybe two every once in awhile if I am feeling up to it and I don’t really party as often or rather at all like I probably have in the past during high school and maybe first year of college or so, I think many times people equate fun with alcohol because most of the time that is what makes the party, but in my opinion learning to have fun without it has been just as awesome and knowing that I don’t have the peer pressure to get drunk also helps. I think everything should be done in moderation but for some people it is hard to find that balance and so they end up on the wrong side of the spectrum and it doesn’t make getting fit any easier, so I like that you have decided to rethink your alcohol habits and focus on your goal at hand!


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  7. Yes! Understand, respect and support 120%. The culture and peer pressure is there, but that cycle has got to break and more and more people should live healthier lifestyles – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’d give up an alcohol-induced night out on the town plus supper for a great morning hike followed by a decent brunch.


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