Wearing Makeup to the Gym..The Ugly Truth! (My New Post-workout Skincare Routine)

Wearing makeup in the gym..the ugly truth (Post workout skin care routine)

I’ve always worn makeup to the gym. It has been my ‘war paint’. I felt like if I fully covered my face that I would look better and therefore feel more confident to work out in the gym, I never liked looking at myself without it on.

Recently my workouts have become ten times harder, I am sweating like a beast!!! This is a positive thing, I’m killing the workouts. What is negative about this is that the foundation and powder I’m wearing are blocking my pores. Sweat is becoming trapped underneath and causing me to break out. This legit freaked me out, I’m no longer wearing all this makeup to the gym. Go to hell with the ‘war paint’ metaphor, who cares what you look like anyway? I now see it like this: You go to the gym to work your ass off and everyone else is concentrating on their own workout.. not you..everyone has individual goals and gym time is ‘me’ time.

Girls, I really recommend a post workout skin care routine. The fact is our pores enlarge when you workout which means sweat and heat settle on the skin…this is the perfect breeding ground for..well.. bacteria!! Below I will show you the products I have recently been using and I can honestly say this has changed my life..my skin feels amazing after every workout. These products can be used pre and post workout in the same routine. Check it out (I don’t sponsor any of these brands, I am very honest about this kind of thing)…

  1. Straight after my workout I wipe off all the disgusting sweat using charcoal exfoliating wipes
    sephora makeup wipes.jpg
    DETOXIFYING LEGENDARY WIPES! I love these wipes, they have two sides for two actions: An exfoliating side with integrated micro-spheres which removes impurities and dead cells. A smooth side which gently cleanses the skin. You can purchase these at Sephora peeps: https://www.sephora.com

    2. Now it’s time to shower! I take Sephora’s exfoliating cleansing cream into the shower, gently massage this into my face and then wash off after 2 minutes.

    sephora cleansing cream
    – Exfoliates and purifies skin – cleanses and provides detoxifying effect! Check me out here: https://www.sephora.com

    3.  After drying off I gently dampen my face with water and apply this ALPHAH cleanser and remove with a damp face cloth. This one is really nice because it’s non greasy, has aloe vera, vitamin e which combined have been proven to hydrate the skin throughout the day.

    ALPHAS balancing cleanser
    Check me out here: https://www.alpha-h.com

    4.  I then go in with a toner. A toner removes dirt and oil. This one is the ‘Cranberry Toner’ from ARCONA, it’s a Los Angles brand and smells LUSH. It leaves my skin feeling glowing and refreshed!

    ARCONA cranberry toner
    Check me out here: http://www.arcona.com/

    5. My very final step! I apply ALPHAH’s essential hydration cream. It has a minty aroma which makes you feel relaxed, it feels milky and soothes my skin. I apply it in upward and outward circular motions.

    ALPHA essential hydrating cream
    A little bit obsessed with aussie brand ALPHAH now.. https://www.alpha-h.com

    Honestly, adding a post workout skin care routine has transformed my skin. The breakout has disappeared and my skin is able to breathhhhhhh! My skin loves me now 😉

    Lastly, for you girls who really can’t be in the gym without makeup and I feel you, I’ve put together some makeup which is ok to use when working out, check this out below!20786618_1435966459790145_567443256_n

    So i’ve picked these three out today; The Tarte clay stick foundation- you can literally apply this under the eyes, on the eyelids and over blemishes..dab dab done. From research, Tarte is a much more natural brand than most and won’t harm your skin, it is less likely to cause breakout..i’m not saying you won’t but the RISK is REDUCED. Apply the beauty amplifier over this so it stays on while you workout gal. Then its fine to just use a mascara, waterproof if possible..i never used waterproof because i’m not a fan of the consistency..but if you sweat a lot around the eyes then USE WATERPROOF!

    Hope this helps x



18 thoughts on “Wearing Makeup to the Gym..The Ugly Truth! (My New Post-workout Skincare Routine)

  1. This is a really good post. It is a real positive to me that you are cutting or skipping back on makeup, as your skin should be put first and not other people’s opinions. The gym is for working out and not worrying about spots right! 🙂

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  2. Always wondered what the girls at the gym wearing make-up use and how they can sweat under all the make-up. Thank you so much for explaining all of it and sharing your own experience! I am gonna try the wipes and also the Tarte foundation stick if I get to find it !
    Keep doing the work you do !

    Liked by 1 person

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