My Secret Weapons In The Gym


Pre workouts are all the craze these dayz but what actually are the benefits of taking them? Lets find out..

Benefits- At the moment I’m using ‘The One Black Label’ by bpm labs. The key benefits to this include that it speeds up metabolism, increases energy at the gym, improves concentration/focus and aids muscle strength and endurance. I want to highlight that it contains beta-alanine which will give you that buzz in the gym! Head over to where you can learn more about the specific ingredients and their benefits.

Bpm Labs: The One Black Label: Current favourite flavour: Watermelon

I’m not going to pretend that pre workouts are totally amazing so lets look at some costs..

From what I can tell it’s too easy to become reliant upon a pre workout to give you that ‘kick’ rather than focusing on your food intake. Try not to fall into this trap, especially if you are bulking you are going to have a calorie surplus and therefore you might not necessarily need a pre workout, your diet should be enough to be honest. ALSO you perhaps shouldn’t take it for a long period of time, instead take it in cycles because otherwise you will need to keep up up upping your intake in order to get the same results!

How do I take a pre workout?- Personally I only take a pre workout whenever I train LEGS/GLUTES because these are HARDCORE workouts for me. My diet is very low on carbs and so yes I do feel like I need a pre workout. Occasionally if I feel like I need a ‘pick me up’ I will take a pre workout.


Amino energy is my WEAKER alternative to the pre workout. I take these on the days I don’t take a pre workout. Why do I do this? I’m not bulking at the moment therefore I’m not getting a tonne of calories and so don’t always have plenty of energy in the gym. The amino energy has the essential amino acids, provide me with energy and focus and help aid muscle recovery 🙂 .

Amino Energy Current favourite flavour: Concord Grape Flavour

Head over to: for more information.




8 thoughts on “My Secret Weapons In The Gym

  1. Sounds like you have done your research tbh on ya! No doubt this stuff works physiologically and psychologically, on the other hand I agree completely with the whole cycles and reliant situation. Too many people use it all the time! My friend has to take 3 scoops now to get the same effect as 1 scoop and if he doesn’t have any then he always feels drained. You also get people that suffer from hyperglycemia and related hypoinsulima so taking this would be a big NO. I like how you highlighted that the normal diet should be suffient if enough energy is intaken properly. Good stuff!

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