My First Boxing Experience


I think it’s great to try out new things, I mean why not what do you have to lose? “Anything which challenges you will only make you stronger”

Trying new sports will CHALLENGE your body in new ways by targeting different areas of which you wouldn’t normally hit. I wanted to challenge my body by attending boxing classes and today was the start. It was nice to just take a break from the gym and try something totally different and out of my comfort zone. Boxing is hard work and requires great stamina. Yet it was a really good way for me to relieve stress/anger and release endorphins making me feel amazing afterwards.

If you want sexier looking arms then take up boxing.. boxing kills your arm muscles and this means you are challenging and therefore changing your body!

Train like a beast, look like a beauty and you’ve got this x


3 thoughts on “My First Boxing Experience

  1. I love this! I took a kickboxing class last summer with one of my best friends. I was so nervous about trying it, but ended up LOVING it! It is sometimes so intimidating to try a new sport or dive into a new challenge!

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