Why Whey Whip?

Everyone experiences those days where they crave some kind of food which is illegal to their diet right? Take me, for instance, I am an ice cream holic..the secret is out. Yet, when I give into food cravings it feels like I am breaking the law! Whats more, the ingredients in the ice cream I love go against my cutting goals and the protein content is painfully low.

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Recently I have been thrilled to be targeted by clever companies such as Australia’s ‘WheyWhip’ who have identified a gap in the market for ‘guilt free, high protein ice cream’. Every WheyWhip 200ml pot is packed with 26.5g of whey protein to help promote lean tissue mass, aid weight loss and improve muscle protein synthesis naturally..beautiful!

I was even more impressed to learn that the ice cream is gluten free since gluten is something I have cut almost completely from my diet (I will explain this in another post). What about the carb and fat content though? This is where the “guilt free” marketing comes in as both the carb and fat content are on the low low at 7.5g and 11g (I base this on my fave peanut butter choc nut crunch).. ICE CREAM GOALS!!

So, if you want to cheat slightly on your food intake one day I would for sure recommend you to check out “WheyWhip”. If you love peanut butter go for the peanut butter choc nut crunch please 😉

Summary of key points

  • Gluten free
  • High protein
  • Low fat
  • Low Carb
  • Tastes like heaven

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